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nformative and fun product descriptions are a surefire way for businesses to expand sales. With the faith of thousands of clients across the globe, Aisstantt.com is a renowned agency for providing first-rate product description writing services. We produce 100% plagiarism-free descriptions that grab your audience’s attention from the eyeballs.

Moreover, our team comprises professionals with extensive experience in creating unique and compelling descriptions for various industries including apparels and accessories, jewellery, electronics, sports, and more.

By working with us, you receive SEO optimized descriptions that improve your business’ online presence and drive more traffic to your site. We make this possible by performing various quality checks on content to ensure engagement & uniqueness before delivering it to clients.

Our primary aim is to translate your prospective clients into regular customers, and we go all lengths to make this a reality.

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A Glimpse into our Services

Before taking over a project, we begin with a broad understanding of the client’s brand meaning and target audience to create engaging content that fits their requirements and interests. We do so by focusing on key features, perks, and technical aspects of the product.

This helps us fir the right keywords in descriptions to lift your product on search results of top search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Moreover, our range of product description writing services includes creating unique and persuasive content. We can write both long and short descriptions in a concise manner. However, it is our clients that choose their preferred length based on their set of requirements. Once we are done with all the basics, we then start working on descriptions that quickly capture visitor’s attention.


How it works?

Choose a Package:

You can choose a product description package from our services. However, you’ll be required to choose hours as per your requirements. In case you want a custom content package, we let you build your own package as well.

Submit your Order Information:

After choosing or building a custom package, you’ll need to submit your order information and place your order using Credit Card.

Get Your Content Delivered:

Once you have placed the order, we’ll start working on the descriptions. The content will be delivered via email, website or your social media handles! You get to approve the descriptions and can request revisions to make desired changes.

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Our Product Descriptions Writing Services Help you

Sell your Product:

Our exceptional product descriptions help you connect with the right audience and bring your brand into spotlight. The best thing about our content is that it highlights your brand’s key features and adds excitement into the mix to engage audience. While the hardest part is maintaining your brand identity while using the correct tone. However, we do this so effortlessly that anyone who reads our content will want to discover more about your brand.

Build Social Proof:

Our complete and fulfilling descriptions can get your customers talking about your brand. That’s why your company’s every product and service counts. So give us names of all your items and we’ll build out your brand’s story. Once a customer reads that story, they may tell their friends or even post on social media about it, assisting you to build social proof.

Get Unique Content:

It’s a renowned fact that Google and other top search engines will blacklist your site if you are using duplicate content. In other words, search engines will penalize your site if you’re using the same descriptions as the manufacturer.

To make your brand search engine friendly, we provide 100% original and unique content. This will quickly bring increased traffic to your website and generate sales. Even better, the increase in your web visitors will last for years to come.


Why Choose Us?

Our team of writers are trained in understanding the consumer psychology. Before writing descriptions about any product, they do a thorough research to influence the decision making of customers’ to your benefit.

By acquiring our product description writing services, you’ll receive:

  • On time delivery.
  • Fast communication.
  • Original, unique, and engaging content.
  • Error free and grammatically correct content.
  • Informative and compelling product descriptions.
  • Descriptions written by expert writers in your brand voice.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers

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