Knowing how to write product descriptions that convert is a great way to influence your customers’ buying choices. When you write descriptions that hit the pain points of your buyers, it becomes easier for them to pick you over other online retailers.

Very few elements affect a website’s conversions as significantly as the right descriptions.
According to a recent survey, almost 90% of online shoppers say that their buying choices are based on product descriptions.

But despite these numbers, plenty of e-commerce retailers struggle to craft the right descriptions. From poorly written content to excessive details, the list of mistakes is a lengthy one.

However, having the right knowledge can help you avoid those mistakes easily. In this article, we’re going to help out by discussing the most effective ways to create unique product descriptions.

Focus On Emotional Needs of the Target Audience:

A common mistake online retailers make is that they pack their descriptions with product features. That often doesn’t work because when a customer is looking to buy something, they’re doing this not for that product’s features but for their emotional satisfaction.

Remember that the product features are always of secondary importance. Highlighting the emotional satisfaction of customers is what the primary focus should be on.

By doing so, you can easily create effective and compelling copies.

To learn about your customers’ emotional needs, hang out in Facebook user groups or other social media websites and see what people are talking about.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Convert – Focus on Practical Benefits:

After addressing the emotional pain points of customers, your next focus should be on the product’s practical benefits.

As a business owner, you would clearly want to showcase all of the best features of your products. The customers, however, are not always looking for mundane information about a product’s features. Instead, they are interested in knowing how it will improve their life.

For example, if the feature is a small candle, the benefit is that it can be used in small spaces like a nightstand or an end table.

Translating a product’s attributes into practical benefits will help you craft compelling descriptions more quickly.

Use the Right Tone:

The tone of your descriptions is one of the most effective ways that differentiate you from your competition. Besides, it is also a great way to engage with your prospective customers.

If your product descriptions don’t sound like something you would say to a friend, then it’s probably time to make them a little more fun.

Using a natural, conversational tone is a great way to create such descriptions.

Keep The Descriptions SEO Friendly:

Many business owners find it challenging to create SEO friendly descriptions. From keyword placement to meta-tags and many other things, it can seem pretty tricky at times. But don’t worry. Creating SEO friendly descriptions isn’t as complicated as it looks. In fact, it’s relatively easy. All you need to do is follow the simple rules below:

  • Use high volume keywords in your content.
  • Include meta descriptions and titles on your product page.
  • Display star ratings.
  • Display product prices.

Remember that SEO is the most powerful strategy to boost online conversions. Paying a little attention to the above rules can dramatically increase sales, and ultimately the brand value.

Avoid Using Overused Words and Empty Phrases:

Using a generic, overused language can be the death of your product. This is because there are certain words and phrases that customers just ignore. Most of those words are used for simply no other reason than the fact that everyone else uses them too.

Common examples of cliché phrases are “loved by all” or “we do ABC, so you don’t have to” or “do more with less”.

What to do instead? Be specific.
Instead of just saying your product is great, focus on a specific feature. For example, if you own a clothing brand, pick a specific feature such as design or fabric, and then describe what makes your costumes better than the competition.

Use Social Proof:

It’s a common fact that when customers are unsure about making a purchase, they’ll often seek social proof. This is one of the main reasons online review sites are so popular today.

So, if you want to sell quickly and make the visitors stay on your site, include product reviews on your website. This is a powerful way to increase conversions because it helps the customers to decide whether to buy a specific item or not.

A product with prominent social proof is more likely to sell compared to a similar item with fewer recommendations from users.


So, these are some useful tips on how to write product descriptions that convert. The main idea is that your descriptions shouldn’t push the product so much that it takes away the users’ attention from the points as to why it will improve their lives. If you can successfully prove that to customers, your conversion rate will increase.