Content writing is one of the trickiest yet fun to do jobs around. The fun part is that you get to gather information about a lot of exciting subjects, while the tricky part is that there’s no room to make errors. Regardless of how experienced a writer you are, a small grammar or punctuation mistake can derail your entire effort. And let’s be honest, it’s quite literally impossible as a human being to be meticulous all the time. However, by identifying the most common content writing mistakes, you can mainly improve the quality of your writing.

Below we are going to list top content writing errors that could cost your career.

Ignoring Your Target Audience:

The topics you pick should address the needs of your target audience. Besides, they must contain relevant information about your industry while also exploiting the best SEO practices to maintain search engine likeability.

If your content is irrelevant to the audience, it possibly won’t resonate, or drive the conversions that you are looking for.

In the world of content marketing, it’s important to remember that the only consumer has real authority. If your campaign can’t charm them, it’s pretty much over for your brand. This is why identifying the target audience is a must to make your content valuable.

Information Glut:

Concision and precision are two of the main ingredients to creating successful copies. Or at least, avoiding awful copies.

To truly stand out, your content must always be explicit, relevant, and short. A copy with information glut does more harm than good to your brand.

So if you have a tendency to write long paragraphs, drop it right away. Be ruthless with your editing and try to convey the message in fewest possible words.

Rushed Proofreading:

Done writing a copy? Great! Now it’s time to take a break before proofreading.

Rushed proofreading is one of the biggest content writing mistakes. Even the most seasoned writers often find themselves guilty of it.

Checking the content for errors is crucial, but what’s more crucial is taking at least an hour’s break between typing the last sentence and proofreading the copy.

Doing this not only revitalizes your mind, but it also enables you to pick up mistakes with sniper-like precision.

Writing Drab Headlines:

The most dangerous mistake of all!

While attractive titles can do a lot of good to your online presence, drab headlines can be equally destructive.

When you upload content online, its title will be the first thing that the users see. If it’s not compelling, they will completely snub your content.

Remember that an infinite amount of information is available on the internet. And the only way to draw attention is through headlines that are persuasive to both readers and search engines.

With that said, you must also know the difference between clickable titles and clickbait. While the clickable titles are genuinely intended to, clickbait is deceptive titles that can irritate readers and lay waste your brand’s reputation.

Content Writing Mistakes – Being Generic:

Another mistake that is often associated with the novice writers is the attempt to discuss too many topics at once. By picking items randomly, you’ll be creating a copy giving off a generic vibe.

While this may give your brand a wider reach, it will certainly not please anyone for an extended period. So pick a subject and stick mostly to it.

Writing in First Person:

Unless you’re writing for your personal blog, writing in the first person should never be an option. The “I” language or personal stories aren’t meant for business blogs. They only work best on personal accounts/blogs.

When users land on your business blog, they expect to learn about your products and services. By presenting personal stories, you’re going to put them off and devalue your brand.

Using Plagiarized Content:

Plagiarized content could be the death of your blog and, ultimately, the brand. All the major search engines give strict penalties to websites that use duplicate content.

Whether you’ve ripped off a small chunk of writing, or copied an entire blog, theft of the written word could result in a permanent ban on your website.

To avoid any penalties, double-check your content before uploading it to the website.

Lack of Consistency:

Online readers are drawn to comfort and routine. They love consistency, and over time, will begin to expect new posts from you at regular intervals.

Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to find the right balance between posting too much content and posting nothing at all.


The quality of content can make or break your campaign. If you can successfully avoid the above-mentioned content writing mistakes, you are likely to drive more conversions.

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